The truth: You’re not disorganised, lazy or even forgetful.You’re just a passionate female entrepreneur & mum, with a crazy schedule to match!

And whether you’re hobnobbing at the best networking events,
Creating your next online programme
Or running the kids to school before your next meeting
One thing’s for sure:

The secret to a good first impression?
Is a Great Personal Brand!


I know you want to dress up and be admired, have a beautiful home, go to glamorous parties and have bags of fun with your children, but with a business that requires you to be someone you’re not or do tasks that you dread, the success you dream of is far, far away…

Sure, you’ve got a facebook page
You’ve got a website (well, it’s not too shabby)
And maybe even an ebook – no shame in that.

But there’s just one little problem:

Your online presence isn’t reflective of YOU.

And whilst you’re busy pretending to be someone you’re not…
It’s your real life experiences you’ve worked (incredibly) hard to overcome and turn into success…
That don’t just define your character…
But attract your perfect customers by the bucket load.

So if you really want to quit the hard-sell forever (hoorah), easily attract clients you love (yes, you really can), enjoy your creativity and success (check!)… and get back your SEXY…

Then you need to create a heart-felt, authentic Personal Brand, built from the inside-out, that speaks for who you REALLY are and the difference I know you want to make. THAT is how you attract your perfect audience – the people who feel a connection with you and already understand the value of what you do…

So that you can finally earn what you’re worth.

You are a mum, and you love your kids, and you want to be there for them, but you also want to get back a more dynamic you. Through creating a Personal Brand that you love (and your clients love)… you CAN have it all! (and yes, the other mum’s will secretly admire the heck out of you!)

So whilst a weak brand isn’t a sin
It represents the you in training
Not the one who’s ARRIVED!

Much Love,

Claire xx