Hi Claire, I absolutely love to hear from you!

You really get me and where I’m coming from! It makes me feel so validated and special!!

I love what you do because you have such a special way of doing it! With someone like you at the other end of the call it is so so refreshing to be that open and honest! I am thrilled with my brand – it feels so right. Thanks for being YOU!

Mirelle Moscow

Entrepreneur & Founder of Brandplosion - CLAIRE SMITH


Before we go any further, let me tell you a little about me….

My children were still babies (aged 6 months and 2 years), when my husband announced he was leaving the family home. Our marriage had been a struggle for a while, and to be honest, my self-esteem and confidence were already through the floor, and here I was, thrown into the role of single parent. Looking back, it was a sad and tough time, struggling to keep both my emotions and my life together.

However, there came a moment when I grew tired of the self-pity and negativity I felt every day, and I remember one day sitting on my hallway floor, crying, when I suddenly stopped and metaphorically stepped over my threshold. That day I made a decision to take some new and better action for myself and my children.

Claire with her children

So at first, simply to improve my own self-image, I began reading everything I could lay my hands on to increase my knowledge and self-confidence. Learning much along the way about human behaviour, I began to take a profound interest in the subject of human personal development and had a constant desire to gain further understanding. I began to focus upon reading self development books, taking courses and attending seminars, searching for ways to change the way I felt about myself and to gain vital insights into what it takes to create feelings of happiness & build success…and my confidence and attitude began to change…

I’d given up work when I had the children, and although I had financial support from my ex-husband, it was scary having to rely upon someone else (someone who you were no longer married to) for my financial well-being.

So, once I felt ready, I decided to go back to work. Although I was glad to be bringing in my own income, unfortunately getting up early, and getting myself & my two children ready, driving around to childcare & then taking the commute into London every day, was pretty tiring to say the least.


I remembered who I really am…


Having said that, my confidence was growing all the time, and through self-coaching, I was learning more and more about myself and was starting to develop a new identity. I made new friends and I began to re-connect with my love of the great outdoors. I love adventure and variety in my life; pushing my physical limits and discovering new things.

Claire surfing in Newquay

This realisation, lifted me, and I began to step out and try new experiences like surfing and climbing mountains for fun. For the first time in a long time, I was starting to feel alive!


The Next Step….


So, with my new-found drive & confidence, I decided to train for my first business, providing semi-permanent makeup (eyebrow tattoos and the like) from a treatment room at my home…it was a courageous step for me – and having done it, I always remind myself, “If I can tattoo someone’s face, surely I can do anything!”

Claire in the Andes, Peru

It took a while, but after about 12 months the business was earning a reasonable profit each month working purely from home, and that extra income allowed me to indulge in my passion for travelling and adventure….from skydiving, to trekking the Inca Trail in Peru, and contribution to charity, helping others build better lives…finally, I was understanding what made me happy and I started to shape who I wanted to be.

And having been through such a profound turn-around in my own life, I started to feel an incredible desire to make that difference for others and so I began to become involved in more charity work, including volunteering in Kenya.

Claire helping build a water tank in Kenya

Helping build a water tank for a village in Kenya

That was the time that I knew I wanted to train as a Life Coach, which I did and went on to become a Certified NLP Practitioner too (I trained in Spain directly with the co-creator of NLP, John Grinder). Following this, I created my Life Coaching Brand; Al!ve Woman, focusing upon coaching and mentoring for Life Purpose Discovery. I knew that with my own life journey, I had plenty to offer others to help them discover their own path and a compelling future.


But here’s the thing….


I loved being a coach and my clients loved me and had wonderful things to say about me…but I just couldn’t seem to get enough clients to make my business work. I struggled for months getting clients haphazardly, just hoping that my Facebook friends would see the light and realise they needed me as their coach, or my business networking would come through…I worked long hours and weekends trying to make it all work…but it just didn’t….

I didn’t know what to do for the best, so honestly I ended up faffing about getting nowhere fast. My biggest fear though was that I would have to give up on my dream of helping people change their lives, I just couldn’t let go of this big life vision…it felt like my destiny. I wanted to make a BIG impact – I had BIG dreams!

I was very aware that all of the very successful business people out there had an incredible on-line presence & great branding.

And this was my inspiration to get started internet marketing. I had a story to tell and I knew that the internet was the platform to do it. And so I joined the Digital Experts Academy and that is where my Branding story began…

As a busy single Mum, I learned how to leverage online marketing so that I could work between school hours and around the shopping, cleaning and the needs of my kids…if you’re a mum, you’ll know how important that is!

Claire with her children

With my children in Mexico

I continued to focus my knowledge around helping people discover their life purpose however, this focus gradually developed into an even greater love – Personal Branding.

There are so many incredible women that I have met, struggling to get their businesses going and their message to the people that need it and I felt a huge desire to help them succeed…

So having gone through several (paid for) Branding experiences myself, I became fascinated with how I could help them get noticed and loved, so that they could make their impact on the world. I wanted to understand what makes an exceptional Brand…

And it became very clear to me that a brand is not just about pretty colours and tag-lines. It is a reflection of the story of both the entrepreneur and her clients. A brand needs to be created from the inside out … it needs to connect and make sense at every touchpoint … it has to be real, not fake … and this is the process that I now take my clients through.

At the start of 2016, I was appointed as Platinum Branding Coach at the Digital Experts Academy, and through my experience and dedication to this area of expertise, I provide the guidance entrepreneurs need on their journey of self-discovery and mission, helping them to formulate a solid, consistent and authentic brand that ‘looks and feels right’ and inspires confidence, trust and connection between the entrepreneur and their customers.

I understand that you are extremely passionate about creating a business that is not only financially successful but fulfilling through contribution and impact upon the world. Happiness in my work is extremely important to me – and I know it is important to you and together we will create a brand that lights you up and inspires you to be more.

Helping women express their truth & brilliance through unique & authentic brands, built upon passion & purpose, excites & motivates me. My mission is to serve YOU to break through and create a life that counts – please see my mission statement – it’s what I love to do!

So what are my credentials?

Well of course, I have qualifications in Life Coaching (Certification from Curly Martin, acclaimed author & trainer), and in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), having trained in Spain with the co-creator of NLP, John Grinder.

As a member of both the Six Figure Mentors (SFM), and their digital training company, Digital Experts Academy (DEA), I have co-presented Weekly Masterminds for the Elite DEA Black Members, empowering them to achieve their full potential…

I mastermind with other top female 6-figure earners at the Digital Experts Academy, focusing upon social media marketing strategy and brand creation.

I am an appointed Platinum Personal Branding Coach at DIGITAL EXPERTS ACADEMY

I founded AL!VE WOMAN – showing woman how to discover their life purpose so that they can create and live a life they love.

I co-founded COME ALIVE CLUB, an Empowerment Group for women based in Essex, UK…

And of course, I have my Branding and Marketing Consultancy, BRANDPLOSION


So today, I feel grateful. The ups AND downs of my own life have become my own story, and I wouldn’t be the same person without them. I now have a deep understanding of who I am PLUS the tools and knowledge to create wealth, doing what I love, and making my difference, so I can live life on my terms, whilst helping others, like you, to do the same.

Your exceptional life is waiting for you and your Brand Story needs to be told. It’s time to tell it!

Much love xxx





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