Introducing the Closed Facebook Group – THE BP TriBe – All Welcome!

With great feedback already – just £20 per month with the first month completely FREE!


This group is for you if…

*you can’t afford a business coach but need daily help and support

*You want to understand how to build a BRAND

*You want to learn online marketing basics and get social media working for you

*You want to build or improve your website but need technical help and advice

*You want to learn how to incorporate email marketing into your business strategy for free

*You want to build a success mindset

*You want all your Brand Marketing Questions answered quickly and easily


You can enjoy a value-packed first month for FREE! Includes immediate access to a 2-Hour Personal Branding Online Workshop to get your business on track for success, PLUS a FREE 30 minute consultancy call with Claire, focused upon YOUR business!

(£20 per month thereafter, and you can cancel at any time)

(£20 per month thereafter, and you can cancel at any time)

If you are new to online marketing or feel unclear how to successfully market your business online, this is the perfect place for you to be. Join our supportive community and learn, from scratch, how to create your own highly successful brand, how to market yourself online, and how to create a success mindset, so that you attract customers you love, feel super-valued and make your own personal and exciting impact on the world!

When you join The BP TriBe, you will be able to get your online marketing questions answered by Claire in the moment, receive informative and relevant weekly trainings, build a strong success mindset, network and build strong friendships with other female entrepreneurs all doing the same!

With live monthly Q&A’s with Claire, group support, coaching, feedback and friendship, we can create engaging and compelling brands that tell our story effectively and then learn strategies to market them successfully, so that we can each make our exciting difference in the world!

By sharing knowledge, feedback and inspiration, we can help each other to bring our exciting individual BIG visions to life, So whilst we are all unique, together we can be stronger and better…

In short – we can matter.

So if you feel a deep desire to make a real difference to those whose lives you touch … AND you can see the benefit of having a team of supporters on-hand to help you make it happen, so that you don’t have to do it alone (and waste hours trying to find answers and still being unsure), then join our triBe of aspiring female entrepreneurs with heart and let’s get you on track for success, with a powerful brand that gets you noticed… together, we can get it done.

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that gets you noticed… together, we can get it done.