Nowadays, the remote work lifestyle or culture is really “the thing”.

We keep hearing all the amazing buzz about enjoying a digital nomad work routine but then we also know the struggles that come along with it, don’t we?

Yes, as a digital nomad or an entrepreneur it’s amazing how you can enjoy the work life without being confined, but how do you keep a balance when it comes to remote work and staying productive?
Most important question here would be “how do you become and stay a leader that your business needs direly?”
Let me go ahead and make a confession really quick: We all struggle with the productivity issue regularly in a remote work style. I have certainly struggled with it. But having gone through this phase, it has enabled me to develop smart strategies and overcome the hurdles without breaking the bank or anything else for that matter (ha!).

In this blog post, I am going all out and spilling the productivity and efficiency nuggets that I have picked up over time. So, here we go – all from experience and exactly the tips that have been working for me and my business:


Write Your Best or Don’t Write At All!


Isn’t this the key rule to everything in online business? Well, as entrepreneurs we have to develop a strong connection with our audience and speak our heart out, so they can feel understood and have an opportunity to connect with us.

Result? Well, the communities and raging followers, fans and subscribers don’t simply happen out of thin air (wink). We have to communicate in all possible ways and one of the most significant ways is to do that via “writing”. You are reading this blog post, that I wrote (ring a bell?).

If I have to share one piece of advice with every entrepreneur, it’s going to be to “write clearly”. Why? Because clear writing means clear thinking and helps you spread the message. Now in your remote work lifestyle, a lot depends on how you are ‘writing’; are you being clear in communication, are you putting out your message or not? The golden nugget to save from this lesson is that your community is only going to find you and stay with you if they have a reason to. But your reason can only be communicated well, if you are “writing it out” the best way. So, I would say this again ‘write your best or don’t write at all’.


Ending the Work Day like a Boss


You might think, ‘okay, what’s so interesting about this? I am the boss in my business and I always stay a ‘boss’ at the end of a work day’. I hear you. But as an entrepreneur, mostly we do not realize when we should take the day off!

We are passionate about our businesses and we do not realize when ‘enough is enough’. I say it very straight forwardly: We as entrepreneurs do not know when to stop working or rest up. We would keep working all day long, seven days a week and through the year (non-stop) because we never find the work boring or bothersome. Its something we enjoy doing, because we control all aspects to it in our business.

We also tend to go over hard on ourselves. The important thing to realize here is that putting in “hours and hours” doesn’t matter if you aren’t maintaining the quality and you can’t maintain the quality consistently, if it’s costing your health and energy level.

So, remember to give credit to yourself, pat yourself on the back at the end of a work day and repeat that even if you are taking a Wednesday off and keeping a Sunday on, that’s all up to you. Why? Well, guess what “YOU ARE THE BOSS”.


Do You Have A Water Cooler While You Work?


In offices and corporations everyone is familiar with that few minutes super short ‘water cooler’ chat. But when we are working remotely as entrepreneurs, we often forget or take those water cooler moments for granted. But these small chats can spark creative ideas or turn out to be the dosage of motivation that you were waiting for.

So never turn away the moments of quick connection and small talk because ‘small can make a huge difference in your day to day routine and make worthy connections happen’. Plus it’s fun. My go to space for a digital water cooler is “Twitter” the bird really has some chatter!







Get Out Of Your PJ’s!


Really, this is the big and secret productivity tip that I am sharing with you right now: you should NOT work in your PJ’s. With remote work lifestyle it’s a huge stereotype that entrepreneurs work in PJ’s all daylong!

The truth is that its all about choice, you have the freedom to work in PJ’s or choose otherwise.

Here’s the thing about “what’s wrong with PJ’s?”; have you ever hear about “Look the part, be the part” ? Well, that’s very true and I see it happen all the time.

You feel most efficient and work more productivity when you are looking your best. Also, the way you are dressed not only makes you feel efficient and supercharged but has a lot of impact on your mood. So, next time you are tempted to stay in PJ’s all day long, think twice and then just get out of them already, because productivity happens outside the PJ’s!


Keeping your productivity in check is just as important as making sure that your business is running smoothly. It also influences your connections, your audience and how you communicate and connect with them.


So these are my top 4 tips on how to rock your remote work lifestyle without compromising productivity and overall efficiency. Now, I want to hear from you! Tell me, in the comments below, one exciting productivity tip that you have, that works like a charm for you!