Ok, so you have been asking people to sign up for your monthly newsletter – and there it is – your problem. The End.


Remember, your product, service or newsletter isn’t the product – your marketing is the product … And if you’re selling a ‘monthly newsletter’ (yawn) then, (how can I put this politely?) … who’s going to be excited by that!


My point is that you are not marketing ‘stuff’, you’re marketing ‘meaning’. So we need to find a way to help people feel more like the person they want to be – by communicating that we have something valuable – that means something to them, personally (whereas to most people, a ‘newsletter’ is bland and means nothing much).


Instead, may I suggest (respectfully, of course) that we build EXCITEMENT so that your audience can dream…(you know … they have that picture of a FAR better life pop into their head, and they find they are smiling to themselves) when they imagine the valuable content your weekly or monthly communication will give…


People LOVE free stuff that is of value to them, so get your mind to creating freebies to entice them onto your list.

Let’s excite them with copy that sells them on what you will DO FOR THEM…how every week or month you will make them better at what they do … or help them to become more of the person they desire to be…

In the mass of messages out there in cyberspace each day, YOURS needs to get their attention. YOU need to speak to their thoughts and dreams and ‘get’ them in a unique and considered way.

So be mindful of boring headlines and copy. Think to yourself  ‘Could anyone or any brand have written this?’ If yes, then it’s not good enough to STAND OUT…let alone to get people to take action and sign up…


We need to DEMAND attention. But how? I hear you ask! Well, the answer consists of three things:


We need to be unexpected, desirable, and we need to create intrigue! We need to put time and effort into our writing to make sure its not bland and same-y … but rather, a whole world of KAPOW!

And it all starts with the one thing that matters above all else…




Your Headline needs to grab attention like a Hells Angel Biker in a Bake off! No kidding!


So let’s get to it… slap on your leather jacket and let’s crack some eggs – here’s 5 ideas to get you started:


Round up your audience

Dog Owners!

Get the ear of the exact crowd you want!


2. Create a ‘How To…’ headline that will appeal to your target audience

‘How To Get Your Kids To Obey Your Every Command!’
‘How To Fix Your Lack of Confidence In 3 Easy Steps Today!’

You get the picture…


3. Quiz Your Readers…

‘How Smart Are You?
‘What Is Your Income Potential?
‘Are You Qualified For Success? Take This Quiz & See!
‘What Colour Is Your Aura & What Does It Mean?’

Let’s face it, we all love a quiz – they’re hard to resist. Engage your audience and ensure they spend time with you. They may even share their results!


4. Give a ‘warning’…

‘Warning: Do You Eat This?’
‘Entrepreneurs Be Warned!’

A warning promises information and invokes curiosity


5. Offer something FREE…

Free Report Explains….’
‘FREE Book Reveals How To Build A 6-Figure Coaching Business!’


Once you have your attention-grabbing headline, make sure you give them what they really want. Get clear on your target audience, imagine one of them in your mind and write to that person in a way that assures them you understand their problems and needs and you are here to make their life better. Speak to them in a way that will assure them your emails are worth receiving…


Use unusual words to get attention. Be unexpected. Excite them with what’s to come… and watch your email list grow.


Much Love,

Claire xxx