You are a coach, consultant, network marketer &/or aspiring female entrepreneur. You have passion & drive and you definitely sense your inner Wonder Woman...

But Lack of Clarity Is Messing With Your Chi?

But Lack of Clarity Is Messing With Your Chi?


It’s time to get clear, get a DYNAMITE BRAND and get out there!

Then now is the time to create a strong, compelling brand that concisely communicates your powerful message to the world, giving you the clarity and confidence to step up and fully embody your mission, for the people who really need you.

So, get ready to slip on your star-spangled lycra, because we’re about to ignite your fire, discover your WHY & make your vision fly!

It’s time to get clear, get a DYNAMITE BRAND and get out there!

So hold onto your tiara, because we’re about to Brandplosion Your Business!

It’s time to get clear, get a DYNAMITE BRAND and get out there!

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Are You An Online Marketing Newbie?

Then join our community of aspiring women entrepreneurs. Learn how to create your own highly successful brand, how to market yourself online (even if you are a beginner), and how to create a success mindset, so that you attract customers you love, feel super-valued and make your own personal and exciting impact on the world!

When Is A PERSONAL BRAND Essential?


Need to stand out in an over-crowded online world of network marketers or affiliates?

Or perhaps you have several ventures and you know it’s time for your customers to connect with the face behind the business?

Either way, you need a Personal Brand!


Engaging Branding That Reflects A Heart-Felt Purpose Really Does Matter. People Don’t Buy What You Do – They Buy WHY You Do It.

People Follow Great Brands Not Because They Have To, But Because They WANT To. It’s ALL About How You Make People FEEL.

So Through A Process Of Discovery & Inspiration, We Will Build You A Brand From The Core Of Who You Are. Through Crystal Clarity, We Will Forge A Clear Path For Your Unique And Exciting Brand To Grow. Cultivated From Your Heart, And In Alignment With Your Purpose, This Is What Great Brands Are Made Of. A Brand Which Fully Expresses Who You Are, & Connects With The People Who Matter Most – Your Perfect Customers, So That Your Passion And Leadership…

Can Inspire Those Around You, To Join You!

“If you’re looking for a talented, passionate and super helpful brand designer then Claire is your lady. She completely re-worked my website, gave me valuable brand guidance and got it all done in a really short timeframe”.

Jackie Handy

Runway Global

Hi Claire, I absolutely love to hear from you!

You really get me and where I’m coming from! It makes me feel so validated and special!!

I love what you do because you have such a special way of doing it! With someone like you at the other end of the call it is so so refreshing to be that open and honest! I am thrilled with my brand – it feels so right. Thanks for being YOU!

Mirelle Moscow

Succeed With Me

“Claire is a creative & amazing branding expert. She helped us immensely in developing our logo, website, & helped us understand the importance of branding, and all done with the utmost professionalism, integrity and enthusiasm. She is a jewel to work with!”

Mona Archuleta

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